Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Look, Ma! I'm blogging!

The cursor is sitting there blinking at me, willing me to type something. I seemed much more prepared to blog before I actually attempted to do it. Now it seems I have nothing to say, however, Priscilla said, "blog once a week," and the Barney Stinson in my head shouted "challenge accepted." So, here I am, typing randomness into a box and asking people to care... or at least pretend to care.

Man, oh man, I'm pooped. Spent all day doing random little things and now my head feels like it's been put through a chipper. On the plus side I got new dresser handles (YAY) and my daughter's teacher suggested the gifted program for her. She says that she needs to be able to think out side the box and question things. She also said "she knows so much, way more than is required for a kindergartner." Yup, my daughter is awesome. Well, that seems like enough to bore a few people for a minute or two. I think I'm going to take a couple tylenol and watch Law and Order: SVU

P.S We leave for texas in 12 days!