Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ahhh mornings, how I loathe thee.

We've been staying in my mother's apartment this summer while we get things situated on the job front. She lives on the second floor of the building, which means I get to take several trips, including first thing in the morning, into the desert heat a day to take my 74 lb dog for a walk. During these walks I have learned that my dog is afraid of ants, no matter how many lizards there are she never sees them, small children will just run up and hug her, and random adults will be terrified of her and threaten to tell the police that I had the audacity to walk her, on a leash, in the park. It's loads of fun.

Look at that face. She's the sweetest thing, but also, to some, terrifying. What can ya do?

On another note, as of this morning I have a brand new nephew and I am so excited. Mommy, Daddy, and big sister are all doing well and enjoying their time cuddling with their newest member. I can't wait for all the pictures and updates and to watch him grow up.

Have a wonderful day! 

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  1. Awww your doggy is adorable! My son would be terrified at first but then he'd probably start barking trying to get the dog to bark, (He used to do that with my brother's dog lol)