Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's the weekend!

My goal is to accomplish absolutely nothing. I do not, under any circumstances, want to leave the house today. I have been out everyday since before we left Ga and I am so done with that. Kiana started school on Wednesday and she LOVES it. Only problem is that they are doing the same crap she did her first month of kindergarten and that just does not work. Jasmine has been having tantrums everyday about going to school and I am TRYING to make her appointment so that they can do whatever testing they feel is necessary, but I can't get on the phone with the lady. It took her a week and a half to finally call me back and I missed the phone call and now can't get her on the phone. UGHHHHHHHH.

I finally got to watch Shrek 4 last night. We took the kids to see it when it was in theaters, but Lauren decided that I would be better off in the hallway than in a not so comfy chair watching the 3d movie I had just paid 12 bucks to see. Better late than never and, according to Fiona and Shrek better out than in. Have a good weekend folks. :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Moving and crap

Holy bejeeebus is Texas HUGE! We were in this gigantic state for at least three days before finally arriving in El Paso. We stopped just after the texas border for the night and then headed to Killeen to visit my brother in law, where my 6 year old confused his new girlfriend for his old girlfriend (embarrassing.) Then we drove in some snow and ice, which is always a blast, before stopping for the night in lordknowswhere, Texas. Maybe some of you have seen it on the map? Then FINALLY we made it to El Paso and spent a good 45 minutes driving in circles. Thanks to Julie, David, Sara and google maps (no thanks to Garmin) we finally made it on post only to discover that there was no room in the inn despite our reservation. I'm not sure what I did to this place the last time I was here, but it doesn't seem to like me much. We finally found lodging in a motel on the east side and begun our search for a house and after 3 weeks in a hotel we got to move into our furniture less home. YAY! Now a week after moving in we have most of our furniture, cable, internet, and phone and are well on our way to making this place like home. All I need now is for people to visit me.